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I founded Myanmar's first and the only bilingual business newspaper Myanmar Business Today and have worked there as Editor-in-Chief for four years. During my tenure, I developed, motivated and managed a 25-member editorial team and helped make the newspaper the top circulating business publication in the country.

Prior to that I worked as an editorial consultant at Washington-based NGO, Pact Mircofinance, and Romania-based Kaus Media Group, in Yangon; as the Coordinator at the International Chittagong Hill Tracts Commission, a Denmark-based human rights advocacy organisation, and as Communications Officer at the Affiliated Networks for Social Accountability (South Asia Region), a World Bank-funded project, in Dhaka.

In Bangladesh, I also worked as a sub-editor and features writer at the Business section of the largest circulating English newspaper in the country, The Daily Star, and as a business reporter at The Independent. I also wrote for PV magazine, a German renewable energy publication.

Besides journalism, I used to work as a translator/fixer for foreign journalists, expats and business people coming to Bangladesh, and have worked with journalists from the former UN's news service (IRIN), The Daily Independent, UK, Time Magazine, Sunday Herald, Scotland, The Global Post and The Economist, among others. I have also worked as an interpreter at the International War Crimes Tribunal in Bangladesh.

If you are a foreign journalist, photographer, aid-worker, student, tourist, businessperson, or an expat, and you require a translator/interpreter/fixer, please feel free to contact me. I am currently based in Sydney, and will be available to provide my services if a project doesn't require me to be on-site.

Services provided:

> Editing, proofreading monthly/quarterly/annual reports of NGOs and development agencies (English).
> Translation/Interpretation of interviews, meetings etc from Bangla to English.
> Translation of reports, books, journals, articles from Bangla to English.
> Editing, proofreading books, manuscripts, reports and articles (English).

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Sherpa Hossainy
Phone: +61477495891 E-mail: sherpa.hossainy[at]

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